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Aviation, Management and Teaching

Specialist in Mishap Prevention and Investigation, primarily in aviation and related fields. Supervise, direct and participate in research and systems analysis relating to aircraft safety and crashworthiness. Currently involved in research on preventing post-crash fires in helicopters and transport aircraft. Design and test crash sensing systems and crashworthy packaging for aircraft equipment. Design and devel­opment of Emergency Locator Transmitter systems for satellite based Search and Rescue systems, under contract with NASA. Serve on government and in­dustry committees on related subjects. Teach courses and conduct seminars relating to safety engineering, crash survival, accident investigation and accident prevention for aviation and other systems in many parts of the world. Service to the legal profession in the field of accident cause determination and accident reconstruction.

Senior Product Safety Specialist, Garrett/AiResearch

Identification and evaluation of hazard producing conditions and practices, including design review and accident investigation activities; development of methods, procedures and programs to eliminate or minimize product related hazards; communication of accident prevention information to those concerned, including conduct of training courses for company personnel; technical liaison between engineering and corporate legal office regarding litigation, with participation in deposition and trials when required.

Faculty, International Center for Safety Education.

Taught courses in crashworthiness and accident investigation to military and civilian students, about 6-8 weeks per year.

Member of the Faculty, Arizona State University

Taught courses in system safety for designers and aviation accident prevention to aviation majors, usually one semester per year.

Engineering Flight Test, Garrett/AiResearch

Duties involved flight testing various models of turboprop engines, including data analysis and report preparation, writing operating instructions for all engine models, support of customer flight testing, coordination between customer, project and installation groups regarding all operational aspects of aircraft installation. Flight safety duties included safety‑of‑flight hazard identification, monitoring of failure trends, and in the event of accidents, participated in field investigation, engine teardown, analysis, final report preparation, and contact with NTSB, FAA and military during investigation.

Member of the Faculty, University of Southern California, Institute of Aerospace Safety and Management

Taught courses in accident prevention and accident investigation to U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and civilian students. Included were classroom lectures, demonstrations, case studies, accident analysis procedures, field problems involving actual investiga­tive procedures, reconstruction and reporting. Conducted feasibility study for Republic of China resulting in establishment of Taiwan Safety Institute at National Taiwan University. Participated in training of Chinese faculty.

Flight Test Engineer, Lockheed-California Company, Advanced Development Projects Division

Responsible for planning and conducting tests of various types on advanced models of high-altitude and high-speed aircraft, experienced in flight test instrumentation.

U.S. Naval Aviator

Squadron and staff assignments in safety and other areas. Aircraft commander, carrier-based Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraft.


1969-Present Consultant in Mishap Investigation and Prevention

1986-1998 Faculty, International Center for Aviation Safety, TAP Air Portugal and San Diego, CA

1981-1992 Faculty, International Center for Safety Education, Tempe, AZ

1979-1983 Director of Research, Crash Research Institute, Robertson Research, Inc.

1976-1977 Supervisor of Engineering Flight Test, Garrett/AiResearch Manufacturing Company of Arizona

1973-1978 Senior Product Safety Specialist, Garrett/AiResearch Manufacturing Company

1973-1986 Lecturer and Faculty Associate, Arizona State University

1972-1973 Guest Lecturer in Aviation Safety, University of Southern California

1969-1972 Full-Time Faculty Member, University of Southern California, Institute of Aerospace Safety and Management

1967-1969 Senior Flight Test Engineer, Garrett/AiResearch Manufacturing Company of Arizona

1962-1966 Flight Test Engineer, Advanced Development Projects, Lockheed-California Company, Burbank, California

1957-1962 Naval Aviator, U.S. Navy


1995 Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, Ph.D.

1972 University of Southern California, M.S. (Systems Management)

1957 Illinois Institute of Technology, B.S. (Electrical Engineering)


1983 Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Aerospace Pathology

1982 Arizona Dept. of Public Safety, Medico-Legal Investigation of Death

1973 Arizona State University, Crash Survival Investigators Course

1969 National Aircraft Accident Investigation School, Advanced Investigation Technology

1961 University of Southern California, Naval Aviation Safety Officers Course

PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES (Past or present member)

Aerospace Medical Association

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Senior Member

International Society of Air Safety Investigators: Elected Fellow; Former President of Los Angeles Chapter; General Chair of Second and Sixteenth International Seminars; Former Chair of Board of Awards; Former Chair of Board of Fellows.


National Association for Search and Rescue

Society of Automotive Engineers

System Safety Society: Senior Member

Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honorary Soc.)


Airline Transport Pilot Rating.

Registered Professional Engineer, Safety (California).


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